About Us

ICN has been in business for ten years and we are business partners with two quality cabling manufacturers, SYSTIMAX and Siemon corporations. The SYSTIMAX products were designed by the renowned Bell Laboratories, which was owned by AT&T, Lucent and AVAYA. It is the premier cabling product in the industry and they have been first to market on many new innovations. Siemon’s is a hundred year old cabling manufacturer renowned for quality premier products. We have partnered with them for up to ten years and also participated in each of their stringent training programs.
You may ask what have we done and where. We worked in the commercial and public sector markets with emphasis on infrastructure connectivity. Our latest project has been the State of Georgia data center with over 12,000 connection points. This is a 10 Gigabit fiber and copper intelligent infrastructure system completed in three months. We supported the Atlanta Olympic Games and building of Phillips arena. We maintain a school district with a hundred and forty plus facilities with over 20,000 connections and 800 plus wireless service points. Commercial projects include IBM, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Prudential and Nokia. We have installed CAT5e, CAT6, 10 Gigabit fiber and copper, wireless 802.11 internal and external systems and worked in new construction as well as existing office space. We have vast experience in multiple environments and with our proven processes and success of the State of Georgia project feel confident that we can meet your needs large or small.

ICN has the necessary insurance coverage, extensive distributor credit lines, support from our business partners, proven processes, RCDD and other engineering personnel on staff, an experienced installation team and the financial support to deliver and meet your needs as it relates to telecommunications. Staffing of the Gulfport Branch will be with local residents so they can recover from the disaster and feel pride in helping fellow community members. We have successfully trained many of our staff in Atlanta and will provide that industry training in Gulfport, if necessary, without it diminishing the quality of the work provided to your job.
If you have needs large or small, please give us a chance to compete for your business. We are customer oriented, flexible in meeting deadlines and the quality of our work is proven with an eighty percent return business from our customer base. In competing for your business, we will share ideas to enhance your business with telecommunications as you rebuild for the future.  ​